Snook bite is on fire!


 I am fishing Flamingo with Bob and his son Ryan from California today, its only a half day trip so we half to do it quick. The morning started out slow but picked up steam quick. On our third stop the Snook a Redfish and a bunch of Trout kept them busy for an hour. It was fairly breezy today so we fished the lee of most islands. On our next stop they crushed them I don't know how many but they caught a bunch. On the way in I saw something so I stopped. For 35 minutes as the last of the tide was falling the they hooked a Tarpon or Snook on every cast. It was an incredible bite Tarpon to 40 lbs. and Snook to 9 lbs. Awesome day and Ryan finished off with a Back Country Grand Slam. 



I am at Flamingo with Roman, Roman Jr, Luis, Daniel and Kenny. It is very hard to fish 5 anglers but I always seem to manage and get a good night sleep after it. The morning started off slow again today but when it clicked it got good. We were fishing Gulp Shrimp and live Shrimp. The Gulps were getting hit at first and we put a bunch of 24 - 26  inch fish in the boat. Daniel had a 15 inch Redfish. We were trying to get it in before the Tropical Storm made it up to the Flamingo area. We saw some rolling Tarpon and Luis hooked a nice little 20 pounder. He got the fish up next to the boat for a picture and that's when it jumped off. On his next cast he hooked up again off the back of the boat and Roman yelled he was hooked up also. We had a double header of upper slot Snook. Every one got into the action today but the was a wall of purple coming across Fl. Bay and we were in its way, it was time to go. Another Great day at Flamingo!




We had a quick moving tropical system move in yesterday and its some what clear today although it blowing 30 mph. I am with Bob and Ryan again today but we are in Key Largo and Largo Sound is nasty. I picked them up at the Caribbean Club and it was a bit of work just loading them up. We ran out onto the the ocean side flats where we set up looking for just about anything that swims. They wanted to catch whatever they could see. The clouds moved in right after we set up and they was a little rain storm as well which made the visibility tough. They caught some Cudas, Jack and Snapper and had a couple really big shark hooked up only to cut us off or throw the bait. Ryan was hooked up to a big Shark and then it let got he finished winding in and there was a Nurse Shark on there now. It was a tough day wind, clouds and it was cool so we called it a day.





I am wit Sam Ishimaru and Furuya from Japan and we are fishing a cold, windy day at Flamingo. The fish didn't seem to mind and on our first stop we had 7 Snook in 30 minutes. Furuya had dreamed for a long time about catching Snook. He is a lure designer for Daiwa and this was his first trip to the U.S. We  worked a allot of areas but the winds were over 30 mph and it made it tough. When we did get into the right spots the fish ate, the Snook were small one was the smallest Snook I ever seen but on a day like today I have no complaints. The tide was similar to Fridays tide so I took a chance and went to the same spot, as we sat there the Tarpon started rolling. Furuya was like a kid in a candy store!

He hooked a Tarpon and fought it hard, the fish gave him a few jumps to make him yell in excitement.I was trying to net the fish and he tried lifting it in the boat and you know how that goes! Sam hooked one next and the fish gave him a few jumps and thru the lure. Furuya got one more bite and jumped a second one. The bite was over so we called it a day!

Its only going to get better at Flamingo as water get cleaner and the fish transition into winter haunts. If you would like to get in on this give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales

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