Flats Fishing in Miami and making it happen in heavy winds!

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We have not had much of a winter but our spring winds are in full force! The last 2 weeks have seen some very windy days with winds in the 20 mph and up and of course those are the days I have been booked. I learned a long time ago our windy weather is always better than where my clients came from this time of year. The S.W. to N.W. winds eliminate half the areas we like to fish in Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico or Whitewater Bay. With all that being said we still find and catch fish.



Fishing Flamingo on Windy Days Won't Stop Us!

I am with fishing Flamingo with Chris his son Chris and father in law Anthony. I had told Chris it might be better to put it of for the next day but they were leaving the following day. We headed out in windy conditions East at 20 plus and I was scrambling already. We headed out west into the East Cape area to get out of the wind, but now it started to rain. It wasn't easy but little Chris caught a Snook so our hopes were up. We fished all over the place and ended up salvaging the day with Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. It didn't get any better so we called it early.

Fishing Flamingo Biscayne Bay

I am fishing Flamingo today with Ezra, his sons Robert and Jacob and their friend Gali, It wasn't supposed to be blowing today but it is. I launched on the Fl. Bay side because I didn't feel the wind, but while waiting for customers it picked up. I should of pulled it out and put in on back country side, instead I tried out side and ended up running north around into Whitewater Bay. It wasn't so bad but a N.W. swell on the water made for a slow ride. We got up into the creeks and got into a good Trout, Jack and Ladyfish bite. We found some Pilchards so I hit all my spots looking to chum up some Snook. It didn't happen today but we found more Trout with the live chum. The kids were happy because the rods were bending but it was tough. We fished lots of  spots and got a few here and a few there making a dent day but 25 mph never makes it easy.


Fishing Flamingo Backcountry Snook Ladyfish

I am fishing Flamingo with Keith Marks and his son Tim today. We started out in the back country because again today it blowing over 20 but its out of the east which gives me some options. The tide is a negative low tide and there's not a lot of water anywhere. I ran thru the east side of back country which is protected and lots of spot to fish, only one problem no water on all the spots. I hit a deeper area and got into some small Ladyfish which we kept for bait. While we were working an island there was a big mud, the mud was made by a school of a few hundred Spadefish. Keith made a cast into the school and something ripped off line after a few wrong guesses a Spadefish showed itself. I have never seen them in the back country but plenty of them on the flats out front.  

I made my way deep into back country rivers and eventually got into a Snook bite. We had a 30 minute window where the Snook turned on and we caught 2 out of 5. The wind was gusting well into the 30 mph range and it was actually cool. We continued casting but the bite was over. I made a run out into the Gulf of Mexico and it kind of Paid off, we had 3 bites. The first was Shark that was off to the races Tim fought it for 20 minutes until he was cut off. I rigged up another live Ladyfish we sat around for a while and the bait was nervous and then it got hit. Keith fought the fish for a minute or so and the bait came back with circle hooked turned into bait. The bait was scaled and it was a probably a big Snook by the way it looked. One more bait and we watched as a giant Bull Shark circled and knocked the Ladyfish out of the water a couple times and then swam away. We had a long ride back into a nasty bay so we called it.  

Biscayne Bay Fishing

Its looking better this week so hopefully the fishing will get red hot, It shouldn't take long for the water to get back up over 70 degrees and get the fish eating again. If your interested catching some fish and having an adventure give me a call at 305 333 8149

Capt. Jim Hobales


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