Big Rains making them Bite! Tarpon and Snook Fishing Success

Flamingo area


Miami Tarpon fishing has been pretty good in the month of June, even though the rains have been non stop for a couple weeks. This time of year the freshwater pushes the Snook out of the mangroves and out onto the flats and along the Gulf of Mexico where they are chasing an assortment of small baits. There has been plenty of smaller Tarpon around anywhere from the marina to the coast. The one fish that hasn't really been plentiful are the Redfish not sure what's going on with them. The Trout bite is crazy no problem catching limits up to 23 inches. Its only going to get better thru the summer!

broke suz.jpg




I am with Fred Ortiz today he's a long time friend from the Miami Sport fishing Club he is also my accountant. Fred gets over worked thru April 15 and I always try to get him out after it settles down. He always bring his fly rods he has wanted Tarponon fly for a while. Found a few Tarpon first thing and Fred had a few hits and misses but eventually he got one to the boat. We also got into a few Snook, I finally got tired of watching and picked up a rod, between us we had about 30 Snook all of Fred's were on fly rod. He also caught a Trout to give him a "Slam on Fly". I also help this poor guy out he hit something and broke his motor off of the mounts!




I am with Terry, Fred and John down at Flamingo today. Terry is a golfing buddy and he brought his employees fishing. Fred is from San Diego and fishes allot out there' Terry and John not so much. We got into a bunch of small Tarpon again today and never got one to the boat but jumped a bunch on softjerk baits. We also had a few really big hook ups on fish one looked like a big Redfish and the other a Snook which got away. John also caught a 23 inch Trout and a 16 inch Mangrove. It was only 9:30 and we had already hooked everything that swims in the park. We went out and caught some bait and fished for Trout we caught 30 or so and we moved on looking for Snook. We made our way out to the coast and found a few Snook, Terry had one around 10 lbs. come of at the boat. John was next he hooked one which came off at the boat and then Fred finally put one in the boat. We only fished until 1 o'clock and it was time to go pretty good day. 




I am with Isaac his wife Evelyn and there 2 daughters Sophie (6)and Cami(4).  We are fishing out of Haulover marina today. We started out with a bunch of Trout, Barracuda's, and Snappers it is a family trip and we kept the rods bent. Isaac wanted to catch Sharks so we went lookin for them. I kept some of the Cuda's for bait and our first bait got hit within 30 seconds. We had them everywhere and Isaac was having fun, he has a thing for Sharks. We let the girls fight a couple and then Isaac and Evelyn had fun when they were doubled up. The girls had enough and it was time to go they were all very happy.


The fishing will be fun all summer Tarpon will get thicker and Snook will be chasing baits along the coast it makes for a fun day. If your looking to catch Tarpon and Snook in pretty good numbers give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales,

Instagram @caughtlookincharters